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Select Invest Fund



To provide investors with access to a range of portfolios that have a high degree of diversification and flexibility designed to help clients reach their financial goals while taking into account their tolerance for risk. Whether you are saving for retirement or planning for a near term purchase, the Select Invest range of portfolios offers you a variety of choices intended to suit your individual needs.


Minimum Investment Required: USD 1,000


Features and Benefits

  • Objective advice, independent world-class management: The Butterfield Select Invest Fund invests in various weightings of the three classes of the Butterfield Select Fund. The underlying fund classes are Select Fixed Income, Select Equity, and Select Alternative. Each of the classes draws on a selection of truly independent, highly rated mutual fund managers supplementing Butterfield Asset Management’s expertise.
  • Active investment management: As professional investment managers, we monitor economic and political trends around the globe that have the potential to impact world markets. The conclusions we reach on investment strategy are then translated into the asset allocation for the range of portfolios. We supplement this approach with a quantitative analysis driven by modern portfolio theory in determining what changes if any are appropriate on a quarterly basis.
  • Supported by specialised expertise: In selecting third party fund managers, we support our qualitative analysis of a particular fund with leading research databases offered by Morningstar and Mercer. GCM Grosvenor, a well-established specialist in alternative investment management based in Chicago, IL, is the sub-advisor to the Butterfield Select Alternative Investment Class.
  • Simplified administration and reporting for multiple investments: All investment administration for the Butterfield Select Fund is carried out by Mitsubishi Fund Services. Investing in the underlying classes of the Select Fund is a straight forward process designed to keep costs at a minimum.






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Sales Restrictions

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