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Bermuda Fund



To provide long-term capital growth and current income by investing in a diversified portfolio of Bermuda assets. These assets may consist of:

  • equity securities of companies either incorporated in Bermuda or having a substantial presence in Bermuda
  • debt securities of those companies and of the Bermuda Government
  • bank deposits, mortgages and other financial assets, which the Manager determines as being consistent with the investment objectives of the Fund

This fund is Bermuda dollar denominated and has some restrictions as to who can invest.​

The Bermuda Fund
A high performance fund with an annualised +14.40% return

  2019 +30.45%
  2018 +10.48%
  2017 -0.01%
  2016 +30.99%
  2015​ +5.58%


Investment Strategy

Primary objective is for long-term capital growth and current income by investing in Bermuda and Bermuda based International equities.


Risk/Return Profile: High risk/High return


Minimum Investment Required: BMD 1,000


Features and Benefits

  • Superior performance, high yields: has outperformed the Bermuda Stock Exchange Index since the fund’s inception in March of 1994
  • Choice of regular income or reinvestment: quarterly dividend payable in BMD or reinvestment options available
  • Cost efficient management: there are no front or back-end fees on this fund; management fee of 0.75% (75 basis points)


Potential Risk Return: High risk/ High return


Income Distribution: Dividend payable in BMD dollars or reinvestment options


Management Fees: 0.75%






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Sales Restrictions

Please read the sales restrictions disclaimer


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